Ways You Can Make Staying in this Winter Comfy and Cosy

Now that winter is well and truly here, we would all rather be inside where it’s warm instead of braving the cold outside! Fortunately at Peppermint Grove, we are experts in the art of staying cosy during the winter months and we know the best ways to maximise your comfort when you’re trapped at home. Here are our top tips and tricks for taking it easy during the harsh winter months:

Personalised Scented Candles

Staying home can sometimes be a bit dull. Home just smells like home, but it doesn’t have to. If you light one of our scented candles you’ll be transported to a new world filled with excitement or tranquillity, depending on which fragrance you choose. Light a few around the house to get the full ambiance and warmth and your home will be a winter sanctuary.

A Nice Warm Bath

There’s nothing better than coming home from a long, hard day of braving the elements and allowing all your worries and cares to wash away in the bath. Add our bath salts to the mix and you expect your body to melt into the bath, as your soul and skin are nourished by invigorating fragrances.

Room Diffusers

If you still long for the excitement that a fresh fragrance can bring to your home but don’t want candles you can use a room diffuser. If you opt for one of our diffusers you can have a unique part of Australia in your home. All of our diffusers have been designed to embody different parts of the Australian landscape in their scent, evoking powerful memories, emotions and experiences from the comfort of your home.

Beauty Bar

It’s important to nourish yourself as well as your home this winter so use our cruelty-free beauty bars to make your skin feel as soft as the couch you’re snuggled in. Our beauty bars come in a wide range of lovely fragrances so you’ll feel good and smell good while you’re staying in this winter. 

A list of TV shows/movies to binge watch

No winter wonderland is complete without being able to snuggle up with the people (or animals) you care about and watch a nice movie or binge a great TV series. Whether you still haven’t caught up to Game of Thrones or need to watch The Lion King for the 10th time it’s the best way to enjoy yourself this winter. 

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