Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for 2019

This year, we’re playing cupid with our luxurious collection of candles and fragrances. Candles are a staple for romantic gestures, from candlelit dinners to relaxing baths. They entice the senses, last longer than a bouquet of flowers, and with our complimentary engraving even double as a Valentine’s Day card entirely.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas this Valentine’s Day, we have a few tips on how to celebrate love in your own way.

For Couples

It goes without saying that “every day is Valentine’s Day” for anyone who’s taken. But it doesn’t hurt to use the opportunity to express your love and create your own slice of romance.

New Couples: Your First Valentine’s Day Gift

  • Is he or she, “The One”? It might be too early to tell. For new lovers, we think personalised candles are a great way to test the waters.

    With our complimentary engraving, you can capture moments into one thoughtful message – whether it’s an inside joke, lyrics from a song you both like, or simply a cheesy line to tell them how you really feel – our engravings will make your gift unforgettable and a truly memorable keepsake this Valentine’s Day.

Long-term Partners: Celebration Ideas

  • For long-term sweethearts, this is not your first rodeo. If you crave something a little different this year, we recommend the gift of spending quality time together.

    Going out? Spice up your V Day plans with our Freesia & Berries Candle – a captivating and romantic scent with top notes of rose, fresh strawberries, spice and clove.

    Staying in? Switch off your phones and set the mood with our Burnt Fig & Pear Candle for a warm and sultry tone to your evening.

For Singles

Being single means doing whatever you want! It’s all about you and whether you’re suffering from a Tinder burnout, healing from a broken heart or just figuring it all out, it’s another way to work on yourself and to try something new.

  • Bath Time
    What better way to kick off your me-time than to treat yourself to a relaxing bath? We recommend running the water with our Gardenia Bath Salts and lathering your skin with any of our range of fragrant beauty bars and body creams.
  • Galentine’s Day
    Set up our Coconut & Lime Diffuser and invite your friends over for a dinner and movie night at home. Make sure they bring wine!


For Family and Friends

  • Love is more than just romance and it’s important to not forget your VIP’s. Say thanks to your best friend, your Mum and even Nan with their favourite scent and a personalised message with our complimentary engraving service.

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