More than just a candle….

There’s no doubt that candles are a great choice in adding sophistication and elegance to any room, but did you know that they can also assist in setting the mood of the room? Whether you’re unwinding from a long day or creating a romantic setting for yourself & your partner, candles are the perfect way to assist you in creating the ambience you are after.


What are you in the mood for!?


Here are our suggestions for what fragrances you should use dependant on your mood! 😉


  • Romance


Candles are perfect for romance because most of us associate candle-lit dinners and low lighting with seduction. Candles are the assistant when it comes to romance as they combine visual beauty with soft, flattering light and add a good dose of delicious fragrance tickles the senses! We recommend Freesia & Berries if you’re looking to create a romantic setting. Notes of rose, raspberries, fresh strawberries, spices and clove as well as floral fragrances of freesia, jasmine and cyclamen are the perfect combination!


  • Relaxing


Candles can help you soothe away tension and stress at the end of a day. Whether you’re feeling anxious or over-worked, we recommend Black Orchid & Ginger. With notes of ginger and cardamom as well as orchid, jasmine & rose, you’ll be unwinding in no time!


  • Re-energising


Sometimes, you need a little extra boost to get going! We all have times when we feel exhausted and flat. To get your energy going, we recommend Fresh Sage & Cedar. With notes of bergamot, cranberry & lemon as well as saffron, sage & coffee – you’ll be ready for anything in no time!


  • Resting


Sometimes all you want to do is curl up on the lounge, watch TV and fall asleep! For these seriously relaxing and soothing times, we recommend Lily & Lotus Flower. With notes of plum, grapefruit, apple, mandarin and orange as well as orchid, lotus flower, lily and rose, you’ll be feeling relaxed, rested and ready for bed.


  • Adventure


Feeling like you want to travel the world and escape the daily grind? We recommend Sandalwood & Vetiver – with notes of lemon and bergamot, tobacco, black pepper, tree moss, geranium, vetiver and pine, you’ll be on top of rolling hills and snow-capped mountains in no-time!


So, whether you’re trying to boost your energy levels, relax after a hard day or create a romantic setting, Peppermint Grove Australia have a fragrance to help you do just that!


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