Meet Our New Spring Fragrance: Blooming Botanicals

Hey, lovelies! If you haven’t already heard, we’ve introduced our latest creation: Blooming Botanicals! With Spring just around the corner, Blooming Botanicals is part of our luxurious limited edition range. Handmade in matte pastel blue glass vessels, we can’t wait to share just how rich, warm and undeniably lavish this new fragrance is.

What does Blooming Botanicals smell like?
Picture yourself surrounded by a beautiful garden. Sitting on the lush grass and feeling the sun greeting you with its warm kisses. This perfume encapsulates Spring by permeating the space with a bouquet of strong, velvety floral notes. For a first impression, there are subtle touches of rose, musk, green mint and carnation, followed by the rich body of vetiver, tonka bean, cedar, cardamom and amber.

What does Blooming Botanicals look like?

You can find our fragrant soy candles and room diffusers in beautiful pastel blue bottles with a matte finish. This powdery blue hue is a playful, yet sophisticated colour scheme for any space. And if you’re a fan of native wildlife, we have one of Australia’s beloved faunas, the sulphur-crested cockatoo gracing our packaging.


Best ways to use our room diffusers
Room diffusers can add a personal touch to any home and will continuously release fragrance for up to 4-6 months. In the living area, this fragrance will blossom and create the perfect ambience for when you’re curling up on the couch reading a book or watching a movie with your loved ones. In the bedroom, the top notes of rose and carnation can relax you for when you’re unwinding in your sanctuary. 

Best ways to use our scented candles
If you want to enjoy Blooming Botanicals in short bursts or for special occasions, our soy candles are a treat for entertaining, freshening up a space, or even some me-time in the bath. To get the most out of your candles, you can find more information on candle care and safety on our website.

Get to know Blooming Botanicals a little better and buy our candle or diffuser right now. Or if you’d like to check out our other limited editions range, browse here and get FREE shipping on all orders over $49.95!


Love from The Peppermint Grove Team. x