5 Easy Steps For Creating An Indulgent Bath Routine

There is no better way to spend some “me-time” than by taking a bath. As well as escaping and de-stressing from the hustle and bustle of modern life, there are many health benefits to having a long soak; such as improving your heart health, relaxing your muscles, joints and bones.

At Peppermint Grove, we’d like to think we’re experts at the art of a luxury bath experience.
Here are five easy steps to creating your own routine:

Step 1. Choose your perfect bath 

What are you in the mood for? A long soak or just a quick refresher? Whatever kind of experience you’re going for, first consider your desired temperature and the vibe you’re going for:

  • Warm – lukewarm water will hydrate the skin. We recommend two scoops of our fragrant
    Freesia & Berries Bath Salts to give you smooth and nourished skin.
  • Cool – refreshing in hot weather, a cool bath can be a great alternative to cold showers and allows you to relax the mind, and improve your skin.
  • Hot – hot baths can be helpful for falling asleep if you’re feeling anxious and can soothe sore muscles and ease tension. The perfect way to unwind if you’re particularly active or constantly on the go.

Step 2. Set The Stage

Once you start running your bath, use a scented candle to set the tone with a captivating fragrance. For a refreshing scent, our Oceania Large Candle is a tropically aquatic fragrance perfect for the Summer months. For a deliciously decadent fragrance, our Sweet Sorbet & Grapefruit Candle is a romantic hit of pink sugar and citrus zest that is incredibly bubbly, perfect for a long soak.

Step 3. The Entertainment

It’s nice to sit in a bath and let your thoughts wander; processing the day and reflecting on what’s happened is a perfect way to cap it off. Similarly, bath-time is the perfect opportunity to catch up on a book you’ve been meaning to read or to sink into a podcast or new album. Last but not least, in this digital-heavy world we live in, lining up episodes of your favourite show or movie on Netflix or Stan are also worthwhile alternatives!

Step 4.  The Skincare

This is the fun part – taking care of your skin! Try lathering our Freesia & Berries Hand & Body Wash enriched with nourishing almond, argan and rosehip using a mitt or loofah, or if you’re a soap bar kind of gal/guy, try our Patchouli & Bergamot Beauty Bar with a sensual fragrance that will leave your skin delightfully clean. 

Step 5.  The Aftermath

Post-bath care is super important to prevent your skin from drying out. To bring all the goodies and oils back into your skin, gently pat your skin dry with a towel and massage your body with any of our Hand & Body Creams for the ultimate post-soak hydration.